6 Do’s and Don’ts of Wine Tasting

As a beginner venturing into wine tasting, this is a great experience that allows you to try new things and learn more about your preferences. Whether the bottles are lying on tables for you to head over and try or you have a table of your own with a guide, there’s a definite etiquette you want to stick to if you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself. Here are the do’s and don’ts behind wine tasting to help you out on your next tour or event!

DO Cleanse

Make it a point to cleanse your palate between tastings. If there’s water on offer, then perfect! Take a sip every now and then and use it to swill your glass. There will definitely be light snacks, however, like crackers. Make sure you opt for these on occasion but don’t go too crazy with these nibbles- you didn’t come for lunch, after all!

DON’T Knock It Back

Remember, this is a tasting and not a Friday night out. So, you need to be able to gain something from this experience and not just knock those glasses back. Go through a simple 4-step process: first, notice the colour of the wine. Swirl it around and smell it. Then you’ll want to sip on the wine. Roll it around in your mouth because a main part of the tasting is identifying the texture of the wine you’re dealing with.

DO Spit

If you end up drinking out of every glass on your first time, you’ll probably end up horribly drunk and with a severely damaged reputation. Swallow towards the end of the session- there’s no shame in spitting during your initiation period. With these kinds of events, you can consume way more than you usually do so be careful with your intake- you’ll definitely learn more in the process too.

DON’T Wear Perfume

Wearing strong perfume is a rather rude move for you to make when it comes to wine tastings.  You might not notice how strong the smell is, but those around you definitely will! And this will certainly affect their ability to taste. So, make sure you avoid wearing perfume or aftershave.

DO Ask Questions

There is no such thing as stupid questions when it comes to wine tasting. You go through all the trouble of planning beautiful winery tours Hobart but choose to keep quiet during the process? That’s definitely not making the most of the opportunity given to you. The host/guide will have an invaluable amount of information at their fingertips that will help you appreciate the process a lot more so don’t hold back with the questions.

DON’T Hold by The Bowl

This is just a general rule for you to keep in mind- always hold your glass by the stem rather than the bowl. By doing this, you’ll also avoid smudging the glass or affecting the temperature of the wine.

There you have it, these are just a few tips to help you out with your next wine tasting!

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