Mistakes to Avoid In a Construction Business

Have you always had a passion or construction? The perhaps you want to transform this passion of yours into a lucrative career and start a construction business? It is a great idea for sure but you will also need to be really prudent and careful when you get into something of this level. Remember that when you are a builder people will be putting a lot of trust in you and that they will expect you to get the jobs done in the way that they want it to be done. For that reason you will also be running a company that has a lot of risk and stress involved. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you can do as a building business owner that can actually ruin your business and your reputation which you must avoid at all costs.

Not Having the Correct Equipment

You really need to think about all the equipment that you will need to run a strong construction business that provides the results that your customers are looking for. You need not necessarily buy all that equipment but at the very least you should have the capacity to rent out certain machinery when they are needed without fail like automatic stirrup benders. If you do not have the right equipment you will not be able to actually sustain your business because the workers under you will also not be able to do their jobs well and your customers will begin to notice that you lack the efficiency and the professionalism that they expected from you. Sometimes all it takes it one project gone wrong in this field to decimate your reputation after which you may not be able to rebuild it again.

Not Having the Right Skilled Labour

You will also need to have the right skilled labour working with you on your projects. Of course you are leading the construction company but that does not mean that you can actually complete building a multiplex all by yourself right? Before you start thinking about opening for business always think about whether or not you are able to provide people with the high-quality services that should be a must when it comes to construction. Then think about the areas in which you will be needing the skilled labour and start to hire people who you know can work well with you on this. If you have all these set up in advance it will not be difficult at all for you to get quality projects completed that will take your business to the next level.

Not Having the Right Management Skills

When talking about skilled labour your management skills also need to come into play. You could be highly skilled at building but if you have no idea how to run a business your company will fail and you will lose all the money that you invested in it. Study as much as you can about managing your business before you hire people and start it so that you will not have any issues along the way.

Ways of Minimizing Safety Hazards at Work

Safety has always been a priority at work, especially within naturally unsafe areas such as railways, power plants or construction sites, among others. The importance of a good safety system cannot be underestimated and compromised. The safety measures may be different when working on a generator or when working at heights, but the idea is just the same: preserve life and property.

When working in highly unsafe environments such as construction sites for tall buildings, huge amounts of safety measures should be kept. How to manage work at high floor levels is a fundamental question. Other questions may be “What equipment to use?” or “How to train the employees?” Listed below are the items that need to be reflected on to keep everyone safe while working on high areas:

Train the employees

Due to deadlines incorporated in our work completion, sometimes there are parts of the process that are not accomplished. Well, training the workers should not be one of those. There is a need to properly train the employees before the start of every job, even the simplest ones around. Safety orientations and complete and clear explanations of the work hazards are a must. Every day at work should start with a safety meeting attended by every single worker on duty. Safety meetings encompass all that is needed to be known by the employees, from the unsafe conditions, unsafe acts and the proper response in case an incident or accident occurs. Most importantly, safety meetings focus on preventing these accidents to happen.

Get the right tools and equipment

In keeping everyone safe while working at heights, the company also needs to look into the equipment provided to its workers. Harnesses should be checked before use. A good harness has a strong anchor. The weight that it can hold should also be clearly explained to the workers in order to avoid overexerting the harness which could eventually end up badly. Platforms created for the workers to step on should also be sturdy and strong. Weight limits must be communicated and clarified at all times. Lastly, if the inevitable happens and a worker falls from a height, there should be fall arrest nets installed. Having a secure netting underneath the high workplace is a must, not only for saving pedestrians underneath the construction but also to save anyone who falls while at work.

Be mindful of ladders and staircases

Everyone on the work site should be aware that there should be three points of contact while descending or ascending stairways or ladders. By three points of contact, that means one hand and two feet are placed on the ladder. In case of supplies and tools being carried, the use of rope can be the choice of transport instead of the workers bringing them by hand. Just be sure that the tools and supplies are securely knotted. In using ladders, it would also help if the top and bottom parts are tied to a sturdy material such as a concrete post. Any defect in the ladders should be promptly corrected or, better yet, replaced.

Personal Protective Paraphernalia

All people on site should, of course, be provided with proper and complete personal protective paraphernalia such as hard hats, safety shoes, and reflectorized clothing. These should be based on accepted standards and must be worn at all times while at the construction site.

Safety is crucial to all of us because our instinct is to preserve ourselves and keep away from things that might threaten our existence. Through proper planning and correct implementation, a lot of lives can be saved from unfortunate events, not only in the workplace but also in our everyday lives.

Easy and Simple Tips for Securing Your Website

Cybercrime is a serious threat to online businesses and websites that is not going to go away anytime soon. Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated as more people start to rely on the internet. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to do everything you can to protect your website. If your website is a commercial one, getting hacked or being the victim of ransomware would cost you in profits and reputation. Even if your site is not commercial in nature, you could lose sensitive personal information if your website gets hacked. Therefore, follow the below simple tips for securing your website:

Buy a Hosting Package with Enhanced Security Features

The security of your website should be ensured on two ends. One end is you, the site administrator. The other end is the server, which is controlled by the hosting (web based) provider. Unsecure servers can put your site at risk even if you do everything else right. Therefore, make sure the hosting packing you buy come with more than a handful of security features. Things like virus scanners and malware protection is a must. In addition, make sure the server your site is on is protected by security tools like RAID. It’s worth it even if you have to pay a small additional fee.

Install a Virus Scanning Script

In addition to malware protection offered by the server, the web browser and your computer, make sure the site itself has malware protection. You can install and malware spotting or virus scanning script to the site that always checks if the source code of the site is clean. A virus scanning script will instantly notify you if there are anomalies in the source code of your website, which might indicate malware or a hacking attempt.

Get an SSL Certificate

An SSL security certificate is important for both the security and reputation of your website. Having an SSL certificated indicates to users that you are serious about the security of your site. SSL makes sure that the incoming and outgoing web traffic involving your site is encrypted. This doesn’t prevent hacking attacks, but protects your information if one occurs. Having an SSL certificate has more uses than you think. For example, Google will give your site a better ranking if it has an SSL certificate compared to a competitor.

Observe a Strong Password Policy at Work

Weak passwords are still a huge issue that puts your site at risk for phishing attacks. Therefore, observe a strong password policy at work. Use passwords with numbers, letters, and symbols that are hard to guess for a potential hacker. Change these passwords every two or three months as well. This is very important for all the admin passwords of your website.

Control What Users Can Upload to Your Website

Upload material indicates a major security threat to most websites. A hacker or a cyber criminal can easily upload content, like a photograph, that contains malicious code that infects your site. Therefore, carefully control what users can upload to your site. Separate this content from the core content of your site to control the spread of a potential virus attack.

Last but not least, be very careful when using third-party plugins and extensions. These components continue to remain favourite tools of attack for cyber criminals. Only use extensions and plugins minimally, and only download from developers verified to be trustworthy.

The Most Common Blunders to Avoid With Your Pool

Swimming pools cost quite a bit to build. This is why it is imperative that you make as much of an effort as possible to prolong its lifespan. Some people have not noticed that their water features don’t fare well, even if they are not that old. One of the main reasons for this is mismanagement. If you want to avoid such a scenario, you need to be aware of the mistakes that you need to avoid. Here you will find a list of things that you shouldn’t do:

Not Adjusting the Environment for Many People

One of the best things about having a water feature in your garden is that you get to throw fun parties or invite people over for a swim. What most people don’t realise, however, is that they need to adjust the water accordingly. Usually, the amount of chlorine, pH value, etc. are carefully tailored to the number of people that usually use it. If you are planning on a greater number of people swimming here you will need to make some adjustments. You may need to add more chlorine to keep the other chemicals properly balanced. However, the calculations need to be quite precise when doing so. If you don’t want to do this, just remember to clean out the water extremely well the next day to prevent algae growth.

Not Protecting Your Pool

Most people leave their pools exposed to the elements. When you do this, however, you are considerably lowering the lifespan of your water feature. Debris, small animals, and bad weather can wreak havoc on the structure and the water. The best way to prevent all of this from ending up in the water is to use pool covers Adelaide. These fit tightly over the surface and make certain that nothing will enter the water. This results in a lot of good news for you. First, it means that you lessen the amount of damage that can be done. It can also be that you will have to clean out the structure less.

Trying to Get Rid of Algae with Automatic Cleaner

Most people rely on an automatic cleaner as it results in less work for them. However, there can be a downside to this, particularly if you are trying to get rid of algae that has settled on the walls or ground. Automatic cleaners are simply not effective enough to get the job done. Instead of vacuuming it up, these type of cleaners will force the debris around the water. Only a manual cleaner is strong enough to truly deal with such an issue. Of course, make sure that the filter is adjusted to the waste setting so that the algae can’t be pumped back into the water via the return line.

Not Running Your Pump for Long Enough

Now ideally, your pump should be running all day long. Realistically, however, this is not an option for most individuals. Still, you need to run the pump for an appropriate amount of time each day. It is important that it runs for at least eight hours a day. This is particularly vital advice for those living in extremely hot or humid environments. By doing so, you will able to avoid algae growth.

These are the most common mistakes made so make certain to avoid them at all costs.

Tips for Getting Hired as a Teacher in Australia

Teaching in Australia can be a well paying and rewarding job. Unlike in most countries, even first year teachers in Australia can earn an upper middle income salary. A first year teacher in Australia with some experience can earn $50,000 and upwards salary. With no experience, the salary averages around $40,000. Because teachers are well paid, the Australian school system has a rigorous hiring process for potential employees. If you are thinking about getting hired as a teacher in the country, here are several tips to mind:

Find a Recruitment Agency with Ties to Schools

In Australia, most teachers are hired through recruitment agencies. There are many recruitment agencies that cater to different types of schools. If you are interested in finding a permanent job, it’s recommended to apply to a recruitment agency that has ties to a school or a school system. Not all do. Then the agency will be the first in line to fill highly desired and lucrative teaching positions as soon as they become available. A reputed recruitment agency will have ties to many educational systems and you will have a better chance of getting hired.

Consider Non-Permanent Teaching Positions

Permanent teaching jobs in Australia can be competitive, and also a few and far between depending on where you are looking to work. If you are unable to find a permanent position, or for some reason cannot commit to a full-time position, consider getting hired as a casual teacher in Australia. Casual teachers are like freelancers who are not contractually obligated to a school. Casual teachers, sometimes referred to as relief teachers, are hired on a daily basis rather than a term basis, and do not require as much experience. If you have over two years of teaching experience, you can earn as much as $300 as a casual teacher per day. Without any experience, you can earn around $100 per day. Casual teachers are in demand in Australia’s populous cities. There are plenty of jobs available for relief teachers Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide.

Find Out Which Subject Areas are Most in Demand

Your highest chances of hiring lie in applying to a job that’s in demand. There may be certain teaching job types that are in demand. Also, there are certain teaching subjects that are always in demand. Typically speaking, Australian schools usually have a high demand for maths, science, applied studies, and tech teachers. Special education is also an area that is always in demand, especially in rural areas. Go to state government official websites to find out which subjects are the most in demand in your state.

Try Teaching in a Rural Area

Teaching vacancies in urban areas often attract hundreds of applications. If you have little to no experience, it can be hard to get hired. If you are a young teacher in need of experience, considered teaching in a rural area for a year or two. When you have experience, you will increase your chance of getting hired in a desirable urban area like Sydney.

To further increase your chances of getting hired, keep your teaching qualifications up to date. Getting more training could make up for lack of experience.

Online Advertising Tips for eBook Authors

Writing an eBook is easy; promoting one in the crowded market is another matter. Don’t anticipate your book to sell or become popular on its own. Most books sell based on word of mouth. But this doesn’t happen naturally. You have to propel word of mouth with an excellent marketing plan, like what Scholastic did for the Harry Potter series. Here are several tips that will help you promote your eBook online:

Hire Professional Marketers

You may be a good writer, but are you a great marketer? If you are absolutely new to marketing and its concepts, it’s best to hire a Digital Advertising Agency to market your eBook. Some aspects of marketing seem simple enough, but do not underestimate the amount of work and ingenuity that goes into promoting anything. If you are a new author, you might need all the help you can get. If you book is seeing good reviews, then you can probably afford to hire a marketer to boost sales.

Find Influencers for Blurbs

If you take a popular paperback and look at the back cover, you will notice that the cover is filled to the brim with blurbs of praise of famous authors and personalities. Big name publishing houses obtain praise famous authors to promote books by new and upcoming authors. This is called influencer marketing and it is superbly effective. If you are unknown author, try to find at least one famous author to give your book a short blurb of praise. If the author is famous in your own genre, then this would be even more effective. Readers will be very willing to try out a book recommended by a big-name author even if the book didn’t originally appeal to them.

Get Your Book on Popular Blogs

As mentioned before, the backbone of online marketing is word of mouth. It spreads through social media channels, and also through blogs. If you want to get your book in front of the right audience, then you need to find the right blog. Most blogs are dedicated to promoting books in a particular type of genre or subgenre. If you can get your book featured on one of these blogs, then that would be a great boost to your marketing efforts. Getting a book on a listicle, like “what to read this summer,” would be even greater. Most bloggers review or write about new eBooks for a fee. Don’t be stingy when it comes to getting your book promoted.

Do a Free Giveaway for Reviews

Readers typically pay a lot of attention to reviews when buying a book. Modern readers are faced with a lot of choices. To make up their mind, they naturally look into what others have to say. So, it’s absolutely essential that your eBook gets as many reviews as it can on sites like Amazon and GoodReads. Offer free eBooks in return for reviews to get customers interested first.

Invest in Professional Reviews

Customer reviews are not the only type of reviews that matter. Professional reviews matter greatly as well. So, send your book out to as many professional reviewers as you can. Try pro bloggers, book review journalists, and magazine authors and you may get at least one review.

Promoting an eBook in the current overcrowded market is not easy. So the above tips should help you in popularizing your eBook.


2017 Financial Goals for Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner, you should be setting goals as early as possible so that you are not caught behind the eight ball as the year goes by. Sweeping changes are expected in 2017, and you’ll need to be ready. For example, it’s predicted that 2017 will be the year that video finally overtakes text as the No. 1 form of communication on the internet. 2017 will also mark the rise of the independent mobile commerce culture, and, of course, virtual reality is on the immediate horizon.

Here’s how to prepare for the changes ahead.

Target Your Niche Even More Precisely

In order to grow your business, shrink your marketing. The major search engines, like Google and Bing, continue to reward localization and punish wide-net marketing strategies. There is also more competition in 2017 than ever before, including premium prices on the best keywords. You will need to stretch out your long-tail keywords even further and delve more deeply into a local or niche culture in order to get that organic traffic that drives the highest conversion rates.

Bother People

Many small business owners believe that the advent of new communications technologies means an automatic influx of customers. Even with the hands-down best product on the market, this is never the case. More robust communications only means more noise as potential consumers are bombarded with a deluge of advertisements and indirect marketing. In order to stand out, you have to personalize your messages – even going customer by customer. You cannot be afraid to bother people, and rejection cannot bother you.

Create an Emergency Fund

The businesses that are prepared for emergencies well ahead of time will be the ones that have a strong chance of thriving in 2017. Make sure you have access to an emergency budget just in case the market gets a bit unpredictable and your business takes a hit. If your funds quickly run out and you find yourself managing debt some time in the next year, then make sure you look into debt management plan (DMP) options. A DMP, which is usually offered by a counseling service or financial services company specializing in debt management, will help you tailor a solution to your situation and create monthly payments within your budget.

Shore up Your Free Business Listings

Before you get into all of the advanced marketing strategies for 2017, you need to have all of your basic bases covered. Make sure that you have a business profile on all of the major search engine business platforms. Competitors today have no problem cannibalizing your listing and driving traffic away from you if you do not. Also, make sure that your NAP is exactly the same on all of your business listings, abbreviations and all.

Automate Your Social Media

You actually need to spend less time on social media if you are going to be successful in 2017. This does not mean that your customers see less of you – only that you spend less time actually producing your messages and opening lines of communication. There are simply too many automation tools that you can take advantage of to stay on social media all day. The longer that you stay on social media for business, the more likely you are to gradually drift over into wasteful clicking that will eat away at your workday.

Stretch Your Budget

If you are a small or midsize business, your money will be moving in many different directions at once – marketing, operations and administration – and you will need to learn how to use financial leverage in order to keep everything afloat. There are certain credit card strategies that you can take advantage of in 2017 if you have the right partner. The financial industry is finally beginning to catch up to new technology, and bankers are happily doing more business with their best customers through these new avenues. Make sure that you understand the wealth of new techniques that are now at your disposal.

Prepare for the new year by taking control of your small business finances. By using even one or more of these strategies, your business will be able to face any and all of 2017’s challenges.

How to Use a Blog to Boost Your Business

Nowadays, a business website is considered incomplete if it doesn’t have a blog. Blogging started out as a mere hobby, an online journal where individuals would share their thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions. However, businesses have found that blogging is also a valuable resource for lead generation, customer service, boosting search engine rankings, and brand marketing and promotion.

Today we give you a number of ways starting your own business blog could give your business a much needed boost in the right direction.

1. Get More Online Exposure

Businesses devote entire departments to marketing, where the only goal is to constantly think of the next big promotion, event, or advertisement that can lure customers in. Nowadays, instead of investing money in other online marketing tactics, more companies are opting for the creating a company blog.

According to a recent study, company websites with blogs get 55% more traffic, with 37% of marketers saying that blogging is the most important type of content marketing. A company blog, as long as it is carefully maintained, can be an infinite source of leads for the company. Engaging content will bring in interested viewers, who will then share your blog posts to other people who might need them. Free advertising at its best!

2. Cement Your Reputation as an Industry Professional

Customers are more likely to give you their hard-earned money if they can see that you, as a company, know what you’re talking about. Blogs are a great way to disseminate important information that your target audience might find useful. For example, if your company is a provider of loans, having a few articles on how to save money, raise one’s credit score and ensure loan application success gives off the impression that your company is knowledgeable in all matters concerning your field.

3. Promote More Customer Interaction

Before, customers could only reach a company through phone, or email. Customers felt that businesses were distant and uncaring of their needs. Blogging is a great way to close the gap between consumers and businesses. At the end of every blog post, consumers can share their thoughts about the post and the company as a whole through the comments section.

Businesses can place someone in charge of answering these comments to encourage interaction. This makes businesses seem more “human” in the eyes of a consumer, which helps convert leads. Existing customers are more loyal to companies who will take note of their suggestions and make changes in the company accordingly.

4. Boost Search Engine Rankings

Blogs make business websites appealing not only to visitors, but to search engines as well. Imagine, each blog you write is a separate page that can be indexed, giving you more chances of being found on search engines. Around 5-7 billion searches are made by people each day. Now imagine if even a small fraction of these people find their way to your website. Let’s say your company sells dietary products online and you have several blog articles on dieting. So the next time someone searches for “common diet myths” for example, if you have a blog post on diet myths, your blog post has a chance of showing up on the search engine results. The more blog posts you have, the more likely you’ll have something that someone out there is searching for.

Google’s algorithm keeps changing, but some of their basic rules don’t change. Search engines like Google favor pages with longer content (around 1,140-1,285) and value viewer retention more than number of views. So it matters less how many people view a certain page, and more how long they stay engaged with that page. Blog posts with interesting content, especially those with images and videos embedded on them, can sustain the interest of viewers for several minutes.

5. Get Extra Income For Your Company

While the main purpose of company blogs is to attract new customers, interact with old ones, convert viewership to sales and boost brand reputation, there’s nothing wrong with making a little bit of money on the side. There are a variety of ways for you to monetize your company blog, from well-placed ads to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically earning commission for referring another business. For example, if your business provides renovation and repair services, you can apply as an affiliate for manufacturers of construction materials and fixtures. Then, on your company’s blog, you can write a review on these manufacturers, linking to their website in the process. Every time a viewer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you make a commission from it.

Start & Run Your Business Right: Join Our Facebook Group and Partner Program

The process of starting a business is both thrilling and intimidating. There’s the exhilaration that comes from working through the details and making the dream a reality. And then, there are the business formation options and ongoing compliance requirements that often raise questions and sometimes cause confusion.

That’s why I’m hosting the “Business Formations & Compliance” Facebook group.

The group is a place where business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can get insight on anything related to forming a business and complying with the rules to keep it in good standing. You can join for free, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the expertise you’ll find there!

What Can You Expect?

We’ll cover a breadth of topics related to starting and maintaining a business that complies with federal and state requirements.

A few examples include:

  • Filing a DBA
  • Forming an LLC with an S Corp election
  • Incorporating as a C Corporation
  • Annual report obligations
  • Corporate minutes
  • Business name searches
  • Trademark filings

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. No matter what filing requirements you need more information about, I’ll be there to answer the questions you and other group members post.

You can also meet up with me on Facebook Live Fridays when I’m available in real time to offer tips and insight.

Also New: The CorpNet Partner Program

CorpNet has launched a Partner Program for accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, business advisors, and other service professionals that wish to give their clients additional value. As our Partner, you can offer formation and compliance services to your customers—with all fulfillment and liability handled by CorpNet. Sign up for free today! Besides strengthening your client relationships, you’ll also get 50 percent of the profits from any formation and compliance services that you sell.*

Seize The Possibilities!

Join the Business Formations & Compliance Facebook group and check out our CorpNet Partner Program. Bringing insight, education, and the potential for additional income, these platforms offer opportunities for empowerment and growth.

Local SEO for Your Local Business: Get Listed Where It Counts Most

Modern Workplace with Laptop showing Landing Page with Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Concept. Toned Image with Selective Focus. 3D Render.

Local SEO, the art and science of optimizing your business website for local search, has a few more steps to it than your general SEO practice. After you’ve identified your general keywords and optimized your content for them, you still need to take a few more steps to make your local business stand out from your competition.

Most local search is performed with the intention of an immediate visit, so you want potential customers to be able to find you as they drive around town and in emergency situations, if that is relevant to your product or service.

Let’s take a look at the finishing touches to your SEO strategy, so you rank highly and are easily found by your target prospects.

Standardize Your Business Display

By standardizing your business display, we are talking about making sure your NAP information is the same from place to place on the web and across your website.

  • N = Name
  • A = Address
  • P = Phone

You want the exact same details formatted in the same way when other websites display your business. First, decide exactly how your information should be presented, then use Schema.org markup, so it will display correctly no matter where it appears online.

Claim Your Google My Business Page

Your Google My Business page is an important factor in your Google search engine rankings. When you claim your page, it is critical that you fill out all information, especially your categories, to get the edge on your competitors.

  • Use a correctly formatted, unique description that includes links.
  • Select the correct categories for your business.
  • Upload as many photos as you can.
  • Add a local phone number to the listing, not just the toll-free number.
  • Upload a high-resolution profile image and cover photo.
  • If relevant, enter the days and times you are open.
  • Get reviews from real customers.

Get Local Reviews

A local business needs local business reviews; they have a direct impact on your local search rankings. Although Google Reviews are important, don’t neglect other review sites such as:

  • Yelp
  • Trip Advisor
  • Angie’s List
  • Merchant Circle
  • Local directories

Encourage your current customer base to provide reviews by giving out an incentive, such as a discount on products or services. Make it easy for them to know where to put the review by placing instructions on your website, a good thing to do if your customers are not familiar with the online review sites.

Understand Local On-Page SEO Factors

On-page SEO content weighs heavily in local search listings. Make your business stand out by optimizing your website pages for your city or region. On your landing page add the name of your city plus a relevant keyword, for example:

Houston Tax Attorney

Place the city-keyword combination in the following areas of your landing pages:

  • Title tag
  • H1 tag
  • URL
  • In the content
  • Image ALT attributes

One more thing you can do to get to the top of the Google search engine page rankings is to embed a Google Map with your business marker into the landing page. Users will know immediately where you are located, making them more likely to select you.

Build Local Links and Citations

Simply put, a citation is an online reference to your business’s NAP. It does not have to be linked to your website as long as your NAP is in the same format as on your website, across citations, and around the web. (See why standardization and markup are so important?)

Links refer, of course, to links from other websites to yours. Make them count. Build links from high authority websites, preferably local to you, that talk about similar topics as you. Search engine rankings rely heavily on relevant, high-authority links so beware; don’t accept a bunch of spammy, non-relevant links. Google will penalize you.

Where should you have citations? Find out where your competitors have theirs and add yours. You can build citations through top national directories (besides Google My Business), including:

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • YouTube
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Manta (especially for small businesses)
  • YP Yellow Pages
  • Merchant Circle

Don’t forget industry directories depending on your niche. You can find these by searching with your keywords. An example of an industry directly is Findlaw.com for attorneys.

Finally, local directories should have your information:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • City directory
  • County directory
  • Local business listings

As a local business, local SEO is imperative to your business’s existence in today’s online society. More searches are performed for local products and services than any other. Don’t miss out; make sure your NAP information is correct, and you are listed in every relevant directory.