How to Create an Energy-Efficient Home Office

Working from home is becoming an opportunity available to more and more employees. It’s a favoured option because of its cost efficiency and flexibility for both employer and employee but where there’s a living space, there’s usually unnecessary energy consumption. This is a menace that the public is actively trying to control. If you want to do your part and create an energy-efficient home office, here’s how you can go about it:


You’d think that throwing your windows open and embracing the outside atmosphere would be best for your space wouldn’t it? Well it actually affects your energy bill quite a lot. By tinting your windows, you not only have privacy for your office, you prevent too much of that summer heat from passing through the windows- which in turn limits the amount of time your air conditioner is spent on.

Light Bulbs

Unfortunately, old-fashioned energy draining light bulbs still do exist in some households and they tend to take up a significant portion of that hefty electricity bill. You’ll want to switch them out for their more modern equivalents, like LEDs, if you want to reduce your energy consumption. Fun fact- investing in LEDs can reduce your energy consumption by 75%!

Renewable Energy

The most prominent step you could take in your household would be to invest in renewable energy such as solar panels.  While this is quite the investment to be making, it’ll also pay off in the long term as you’ll be saving up on many electrical costs.


And of course if you truly want to be more conscious about your footprint, a great place to start would be by recycling. Keep two bins in your office- a recyclable bin and an ordinary wastepaper basket. That way you don’t end up wasting any recyclable items just because you’re too busy to get up and walk out of your office!


Most companies make use of desktops in their offices but truth be told, they’re major energy consumers that add unnecessarily to your utility bills. Just because they’re the technology of choice in companies doesn’t mean you have to settle for one. Instead go for a more energy-conscious laptop. Also remember that all your electronic devices need to be switched off when not in use or when you’re signing out for the day.

Air Leakage

This particularly applies to older buildings where air tends to seep out from the room. This way the room temp will never be what you desire but there’s a simple fix- just install weather strips around the doors and windows. You should also make it a point to check that the vents are clear and that the filters are also changed. This way efficiency will be drastically increased.

Setting up base right at home is a great opportunity for both start-ups and busy employees. If you want to make sure you’re doing it the right way, however, make sure you follow these important tips. They’re guaranteed to give you an energy- efficient lifestyle.

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