How to Impress During Your Job Interview

It’s your first job interview and you’re probably sweating through your clothes at how it’s going to go. Well, your priority is to make sure you impress. This will give you that second glance that will push you past recruitment processes. Here are some simple steps to take that will give you an edge during your interview:


Your chance to impress begins with a single look at your appearance. You need to look sleek, professional and most of all, confident. You may be a bunch of nerves inside but as long as you maintain that exterior look of confidence, you’re set to go. Avoid both darker and bright colours on the day of the interview. Instead opt for neutral colours and outfits that you know will be a definite winner- for example, a pristine, creaseless white blouse tucked into woollen pants, lightly accentuated with a watch and simple jewellery. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Background Info

You really have to do your homework on this one, don’t be over-confident and wing it. By reading into their marketing and growth, you’ll be able to ferret out their needs. Using this information, line up the talents you have that meet those needs and find ways to bring it up in the interview. For example, you can relate a short story on how you came up with a solution that they’re similarly in need of.  You need to make yourself better than the next candidate and there’s no better way to do so than showing them you meet all they are in need of.


Almost every interviewer asks basics questions like- ‘Tell me more about yourself, why do you want to leave your current position? What value do you bring to us? What are your salary expectations?’ etc. Don’t allow yourself to be caught unawares so prepare for these questions because they will undoubtedly be asked from you. Also remember to ask some question from the interviewer during the interview. This will better express your interest in their company and he will undoubtedly give you an opportunity to ask any clarifications. Ask questions like ‘What is the most important thing I can do to help within the first 30 days of my employment? What are the greatest challenges being faced currently?’ etc.


You can also put yourself through a practice interview- this is where your friends and family will come in handy. You can put yourself on the spot and assess your ability to answer questions smoothly and confidently. At the very least it will soothe your nerves a little but it will also give you an inkling as to how you can improve.

Exercise and Rest

The day before and the morning of your interview make sure to get a good round of exercise in to exhaust your body of those nerves. It will also help you sleep better and make you look less fatigued during the interview itself.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll undoubtedly ace that interview!

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