How To Recycle Old Tyres

Tyres can be of no use once it has been punctured a hole. If you own a vehicle, there is definitely some tyres in your storage that is of no use to you. Or so you might think. But these are such resourceful items that can be recycled if done the right way. Also, it might be very harmful to the environment to get rid of them in improper ways. There are many uses of old tyres and here are some of them for you to know. Make yourself aware of these and spread the message so many others would come to know as well.

It Can Be A Substitute For Gravel

Tyre chips can be used instead of gravel in many instances. Most commonly it is used in the making of roads. If tyre chips are used underneath roads, the amount of frost that is absorbed during winter is markedly reduced. As a result, vehicles will tend to skid less on roads ensuring safety. This is a great alternative in countries that experience very cold weather.

Furthermore, rubber chips are much less heavy than gravel, therefore they can be transported easily and much less labour and equipment would have to be used to work with them. It is also a good idea to put rubber chips underneath railway tracks as it absorbs the vibration of the train, thereby making it easier on the houses nearby.

It Can Be Made Into Crumbs

Rubber tyres can be made into finely granular textured crumbs which have many uses. These are small, soft, and very bouncy. They can be used in the flooring of playgrounds. Children if fallen on this surface will not sustain any injuries due to the softness of the material. Likewise they are used to make doormats as well.

Rubber crumbs can be made from industrial byproducts of tyres as well. Many manufacturers of tyres will have faulty products that can be given to companies which would recycle them into crumbs. This would be to act responsibly towards the environment as well.

They Can Be Ornamental

Tyres come in different sizes. According to their size, they can be reused in different ways. Large tyres can be filled, painted or textured to be made into bean bag type of floor chairs. They can be even made into a fancy ottoman or a dog bed. They can be made into swings in the garden for children to play and have fun. Another fun idea for children is a sandbox made out of large tyres.

They can be filled with soil or sand and plants can be potted and used as garden decoration. There are so many DIY ideas that you can use tyres for. It is only a matter of browsing the internet and finding the right one. However, don’t let tyres that have not been filled just remain in the garden. Water can get collected breeding mosquitoes which would spread disease.

Make sure that you get rid of old tyres in an environmentally friendly manner.

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