Simple Things That Make Your Work Day Better

No matter how much you love your work, there comes a point in life when it becomes stagnant and mundane. In moments like this, doing things to improve your work day can help to get through these rough patches. Here are a few simple things to try…

Sufficient Sleep the Night Before

We’re all guilty of stretching the day a teensy bit; especially when we’ve worked hard all day, and use the night time to relax. Some of us even take this a step further, and try to work until late. The problem here is that doing so will make it harder to wake up the next day, and result in making your next day harder to get through. Aim to get at least 6 hours of unbroken rest to truly feel refreshed when you wake up.

A Good Breakfast to Give Your Day an Energetic Start

The importance of a good breakfast is often spoken about…and usually ignored. However busy you feel you are, aim to have an energizing breakfast each day; regardless to whether it’s homemade or store brought. While you’re at it, invest on a good coffee machine and quality coffee beans to enhance your breakfast.

Getting in A Little Exercise Before Work

Working out before work is on everyone’s to-do list, but it’s something most of us put off. However, a good workout session is the morning can boost your energy level, get your metabolism started…and help you start your day in a better mood! This is apart from that sense of accomplishment you’ll get by actually doing something productive so early in your day.

A Clean and Comfortable Working Space

Do your best to keep your work space clean and tidy. This will not only improve your mood and affect how you feel while you work, it will also increase your productivity and performance. Avoid eating at the desk to prevent your space from gaining that permanent food smell. In addition, do your best to clean and clear the top of your work station at the end of each work day, so that you have a clear desk to start afresh the following day. In the long run, this practice also reduces the chances of clutter accumulating.

Shoes That Don’t Make Your Toes Cry

If your job demands that you to be on your feet the whole day, wearing sensible and comfortable shoes is a given. On the long run, it’ll not only make working easier for you, but it’ll also save you from a world of pain and discomfort. If you’re required to wear a certain kind of shoes as part of your workwear, consider wearing a comfortable pair to and from work, as well as during the period you won’t be around other colleagues.

Work Clothes That Are Comfortable and Give You A Confidence Boost

Like your shoes, it’s also vital that you wear comfortable clothing to help make your work day better. If you have the choice of wearing what you want for work, opt for clothing that also give your self-confidence a boost. Trust us, this makes a bigger difference than you’d think…!

Getting A Little Fresh Air or A Power Nap During Your Break

On an extremely hectic day, taking a power nap or a little break to stretch your legs can seem like a waste of time; but it’s the exact opposite of it. The fresh air can refresh your mind and creativity, helping you power through the rest of the day. A power nap of 20 minutes works in quite the same way.

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