Special Gifting Ideas: Flowers and Fun Things

Sending out flowers to loved ones may be too common a practice, but is still one of the most adored! The thing about sending flowers is that it brings so much pleasure not just to the receiver, but to the sender, too! Here are a couple of ‘add-ons’ that usually are great with flowers and bouquets.


Chocolates are like a common addition to bouquets, however, are one of the favourites yet! Somehow, a delightful assortment of chocolates pairs up wonderfully with a bouquet of flowers, as though they’re always meant to be! You may want to be picky with both the chocolates and the flowers so that you create the perfect combination.

Opt for heart chocolates for instance, or exclusive ones with golden wrapping or so to go with a bunch of brilliant red roses on valentines. Always keep in mind the purpose of the occasion for which you’re creating this bouquet, and make your choices accordingly. Look up online flower delivery Melbourne to find interesting options for flower orders and presents.


If you’ve got a special gift that you wish to give out, and you really have been thinking of cool ways to present it, a flower bouquet might certainly be the answer. Whether you want to present something super valuable like a diamond ring, or perfume, or just anything random, you might want to simply pop it in with a dreamy glower bouquet.

There’s no need to worry about how well your gift and your bouquet complement each other in this case. If you really care, you can focus onthe colours. For instance, opt for velvety black or navy-blue wrapping/covers for your gift if it’s going out with a bunch of red roses. That should do the trick!

Notes and Greeting Cards

What’s a bouquet without a handwritten note?! You might think, ‘old school,’ but people still do love to read handwritten notes and letters, especially when one arrives with a gorgeous bouquet! You may choose to write just a few words, poems, or paragraphs – no restrictions! Some may even say the more themerrier! There is always something amazing about reading handwritten notes and greetings. It’s like listening to the far away voiceof the one who sent them!


If you’ve always wanted to give a furry present to a special someone in a super exciting way, you definitely should use flowers! Cute little furballs, flowers and balloons – isn’t just the sound of it totally irresistible? Think about unique ways in which you can play around with these elements and make an awesome presentation. This one is certainly going to get them squealing with excitement, no doubt!

All in One

Sometimes, you might just want to put together all of the above! It isn’t really a bad idea, after all, is it? Who would say no to a load of gifts – ‘the more the merrier’, remember? Simply put all the nice things you could think of to make an unforgettable presentationto your very special person. Imagine receiving a bunch of all the favourite things – flowers, edibles, sentimental notes, and foursome love – altogether! If that doesn’t sweep one off their feet, then, what will!

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