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What Do You Look For In An E-Commerce Platform?

If you’re a seller, you should be mindful of the platform you’re using to get your products out there. There are many for you to choose from, which is why you need this article. Because we’ll be running through what you should consider before you invest in an eCommerce platform.

Is It Reputable?

If you’re a new seller, you have to work with a platform that’s very reputable. Because if it’s not, no one’s going to want to do business with you.  You’re new so this is very important.

You can gather how reputable the platform is by checking what others have said about it. With a quick search online this is possible.

Is It Safe?

The internet can be a dangerous place. Thus, buyers are extra cautious when they buy goods online. They look specifically for platforms that are heavily encrypted.

Not only should they be encrypted, but they must have added security features like two-factor authentification and KYC.

Thankfully, some of the most recognized e-commerce platforms offer such services. For example, Amazon.

Is It Easy?

Buyers want to work on a site that’s easy to navigate through. This makes buying less of a hassle. Unfortunately, some online sites aren’t that easy to maneuver through. Because they’re full of advertisement and other clutter, slowing it down.

Is It Your Own Site?

You could sell your goods from your own website. This is a good move as it would benefit you in the long run. You’ll be benefitted as you’re bringing regular traffic to it, giving you money off the ads you make.

What’s more is, by developing your own site, you can bring design elements to life, making your online store match your vision. Thus, you have superior customization that eCommerce platforms may not offer.


People want to know what they’re buying. Because of this, they’ll look to see if there’s a ‘feedback’ page on the seller’s store. They’ll go through it, assessing what other customers have said. This will help them come to a conclusion if you’re worth their time or not.

This is essential so look to work with such a platform.

If you’re interested in such platforms, facebook is superior. If interested in the facebook marketplace Brisbane has many sellers, making it the most common e-commerce platform in the region.

Does It Increase Your Sales?

Some platforms help you increase your sales. They do this by recommending products to customers based on things they’ve searched for. If you work with such an eCommerce platform, you’re getting continuous traffic to your store as customers would be directed to you every now and then.

What’s more is, even though you don’t manage the platform, if it offers a recommended feature based on what the customer has been looking at, the customer would feel very connected to the site, thus they’ll keep coming back to it.

Considering everything mentioned, it’s easy to see there are many things to keep in mind when looking for the best place to have your store.

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