Baby Shower Gifts You Can Give

Every event has to be celebrated like birthdays, Holidays, and new life stages, as you do not have any idea what can happen to you and to the people around you today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Because of this, if someone special in your life will be giving birth real soon, you may throw a surprise baby shower party for her.

Plan it in advance. Do everything all by yourself or with a help of a dear friend. And if you want to give more, give a baby shower gift, too. Giving gifts can be kind of tricky. So, to help you with this dilemma, keep reading everything below.

Baby Clothing

You will never go wrong with baby clothing because clothing is a basic need. Gift a few sets of beanie caps, bibs, onesies, shoes, and sweaters. Include some baby costumes, too. They can come in handy during the baby’s photoshoot or special events. Make sure that you only choose ones that are washable and made of cotton fabric.

Baby Calming Sounds

First-timers may find it challenging to put their baby to sleep. Therefore, gift a device that makes baby calming sounds. It will help the baby have an undisturbed sleep every night. So, gift one that can be helpful in doing this task.

First-Aid Kit

Gift the new parents a well-stocked first-aid kit for the baby. It has to contain a non-contact thermometer. A non-contact thermometer is a better alternative than the traditional type of thermometer. Which is why, gift one as it has a dual-mode feature that can check the baby’s temperature through the head and ear. It is perfect especially if the parents need to check their baby’s temperature in an ungodly hour. Take note that putting a baby to sleep is not an easy task, so help the new parents by gifting a non-contact thermometer.

Dual-Purpose Dresser

Gifting a dual-purpose dresser in a baby shower is an excellent idea. Be sure to pick one that can serve as a changing diaper station too. It is valuable for parents who live in a small living space.


A baby will poop and pee several times in a day. Hence, give a diaper set that consists of diapers, diaper rash creams, and alcohol-free wipes. If the new parents are care about the environment, you may gift cloth type diapers. Also, you may give a diaper bag that the mother can use for doing quick errands.

Baby Toys

Gift educational toys to the baby. They play an important part in the baby’s growth and development. If you are on the lookout for the best baby toys, go and check out Olli Ella change basket NZ because aside from baby toys, they are selling baby bedding and nursery furniture, too.

Baby Monitor

We live in a digital period so it only makes sense to invest in modern technology. Gift the parents a reliable baby monitor that they can easily connect to their computers and smartphones. It can be of help in monitoring the baby while the parents are busy doing the household chores.

The baby shower gift ideas are limitless. Pick one that is practical. 

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