Best Welcome Home Gift Ideas for Mom and Baby

One of the most selfless yet rewarding experiences a woman could experience is becoming a mother. The entire journey is not an easy process, from 9 months of carrying baby inside the womb and the pain of labour and delivery. However, despite all the hardships, it becomes one of the most important chapters of her life.

After giving birth, mothers simply deserve the best things that could help them start their journey with their little one. Show her that you care by giving her a practical yet thoughtful welcome home gift that she could use on herself or even with her little one as well. Here are some of the best gift ideas to start with.

Postpartum Recovery Essentials Basket

Becoming a mother is definitely a journey full of excitement. However, the entire process of pregnancy and birth takes its toll to a woman’s body. She needs to fully heal and recover to bring back her body and health into its usual state. Help her recover by giving her a postpartum recovery essentials gift basket.

Gather some good products that are helpful in promoting recovery after giving birth such as postpartum cleaning products, cooling pads, belly wrap, nipple pads, and other similar essentials. Check this out for quality handcrafted baby gift hamper collections perfect for both mom and baby.

Home-cooked Meals

Having a new baby can be a hard time for parents. Mostly, they don’t have enough time on their hands to do everything – from baby care to giving some break time for themselves as well. New moms would truly appreciate a hearty meal that they don’t need to spend some time cooking at all. Drop them a home-cooked meal that is easy to reheat to help them get more free time to get the rest they needed the most.

Baby Gift Box

Although most parents usually have everything ready before their bundle of joy arrives, a baby gift box would still be greatly appreciated. This gift box typically contains newborn essentials such as bibs, baby soap, booties and mittens set, baby blanket, and many more. It is best to stick with neutral colours especially if you’re not sure with the baby’s gender. But if the gender is already revealed, you could go for gender-specific colour schemes.

Cuddle Blanket

New moms undergo a huge change in lifestyle. For instance, there will be more cuddle time with baby while both of them are getting some sleep. Make their cuddle time warmer and comfier by gifting a soft cuddle blanket. Both mom and baby will surely love the soft texture and get better nap time whether they are on the couch, in the bedroom, or wherever they want to get some downtime. Faux fur is one of the most popular picks, but you can go for other fabrics depending on what season it is.

Your simple thoughtful gesture will surely bring a smile to a mom’s face. Brighten up her day by giving one of these well-thought presents.

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