Buying Used Car Parts – 5 Things to Consider

Does your car need new parts? You can purchase them new or used. If you’re going the latter route, there is a couple of things to consider. We talked about them below. Keep reading.

How’s Its Warranty?

When buying new parts, you’re going to get warranties with your purchase. The extent of the coverage depends on who you’re buying from. There most likely will not be a warranty when buying second-hand. And if there is one, it would be not that great.

Is It in Good Condition?

Used parts that are in conditions that give newer ones a run for their money is needed. Finding such units can be tricky if you’re not super familiar with how cars work.

Pay a little cash and bring a mechanic with you. He would examine what you want to buy, ensuring if it’ll work properly or not.

Don’t be deceived just by what the seller is stating. He may advertise that the alternator you’re interested in has a longer life-span than what’s true.

Should You Even Buy It Used?

You can pick up all sorts of auto-parts secondhand. Unfortunately, some of them just won’t be as great used. Intercoolers are exactly the case– they help get rid of heat from your vehicle, so if this doesn’t properly take place, your engine could get damaged.

For parts like intercoolers, you’re advised not to be stingy. If you’re not a fan of spending, Process West parts would offer the most bang for your buck.

How Much Will It Be to Install?

Installing cars parts is no walk in the park. Depending on what you’re trying to install, you could be paying quite a bit of cash.

Second hand units are not as reliable as newer ones. You’ll have to replace what you just bought in the near future. If the installation process costs a lot, you’ll be spending through your nose.

Having to spend to replace it soon, you might be better off purchasing the unit straight from a dealer instead.

Is It Too Old?

As it is second-hand, it’s probably a part from years ago. That’s why if you’re not the most knowledgeable about cars, you might pick something up that would be too old to be compatible with your vehicle.

Bringing a mechanic with you would be great. He can make sure that the above is never an issue.

Final Thoughts

What did you think about everything discussed? The above points would help you make the best purchase. From the above, knowing if the unit is as advertised is the most important. There is a chance that the seller lied about its life span, so you’d have to spend on a new part again in the near future.

As you’re buying used, it could be in conditions that would result in it breaking in the near future. If it’s something that’s expensive to install, this would result in you paying a lot.

Don’t purchase something too old, because you’ll have to replace it soon again as well.

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