Flat Pack Boxes for Packaging

Packaging plays a vital role in any business. Indeed, getting the right appearance of the product can generate sales for the business. Besides that, business owners should be more vigilant in their choices of packages; as they are able to customize their packaging too. When it comes to custom box packaging, the first most concern is, the type of material. 

The different types of materials available for boxes are mentioned below:

  • flat pack cardboard boxes
  • flat pack kraft boxes
  • flat pack corrugated boxes
  • flat pack rigid boxes

Undoubtedly, when it comes to packaging, the main concern to the seller is the safety of the product. And, this at any cost cannot be a second priority. Thus, choosing the ideal material is really crucial. Once that is sorted, the seller can improvise and add on elements, design, and logos to create an eye-catching appearance of the package.

The materials mentioned above have excellent properties. These materials are sturdy and durable. Besides that, it also has versatile thickness. 

How to change the thickness?

The variation of thickness in flat pack cardboard boxes, kraft, and rigid are depicted by increasing or reducing the points.On the other hand, in flat pack corrugated boxes, the thickness is adjusted by adding or removing the flutes.Furthermore, they do not have any harmful properties that would damage the environment.

Hence, worry not! Flat pack boxes are environmentally-friendly products.Following the material selection, for instance, say cardboard boxes- the next step is to outline the details of how to craft the custom boxes. These details should include the shape, style, design, colour, elements, logo, quantity, etc.

Hence, the easiest way to enhance the appearance of the flat pack cardboard boxes is by having an add-on from the following. These add-on elements give a richer look to the entire product and its packaging.

What are the types of add-ons available?

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Coatings
  • Window attachment
  • Foiling 
  • Creative designs 
  • Unique box cut 

Each add-on element works differently. However, all serve the purpose of customizing the boxes and giving them a flush and elegant look. Keep reading to know these choices in detail.

Coating and Foiling:

The coating enhances the look of the cardboard by eliminating the dull and faint texture of the material. There are two types of coating available, gloss coating, and matte finish. You can select your choice of coating. 

Furthermore, foiling is done to give a shiny-looking surface to the boxes.

Embossing and debossing

There are plenty of ways to insert the logo in the custom boxes. For instance, some use the sticker system to paste the logo after the final packing, while some digitally print the logo on these flat-pack cardboards. Another method to highlight and carve the brand name or the logo is by Embossing and debossing. Indeed, this process gives a luxurious look than the rest.

Unique box cut 

Just like there are countless colour and design options; similarly, one can also choose the most appropriate style that suits their products from a wide range of options available.

Below mentioned are some examples of custom box styles available:

  • Rigid boxes
  • Telescope boxes
  • Full overlap boxes
  • Collapsible boxes
  • Regular boxes
  • Mailer boxes

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