How To Design an Office Space?

Have you ever walked into an office and thought, “wow this place looks very nice”?Whether you are working in to an office for your first day of work or just visiting first impressions always matter. A nicely decorated office is known to increase employee motivation and happiness by a great deal. When employees feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings they work better. For some employers an office interior may be the least of their concerns as they only feel an employee’s job is to work for them.

However, it is quite the opposite and employer who has understood the connection between office interior and productivity will be able to tell you that a pleasant working environment not only boosts employee productivity but also moral. When employees feel like they are being taken care of they are more likely to give their full potential. So, keeping all these in mind while also working to a budget here are some of the best ways to design an office space.

Give sufficient space

Space for commercial buildings is one of the biggest problems offices have. With office rent being sky high employers are trying to maximize their space while seating everyone close together. With the changes in work culture and the need for social distancing the chicken coop concept will no longer work. Offices need to be spaced out a few feet from each other at the minimum.

Ideally each work station should consist of a desk that is large enough to fit a desktop or laptop and still have sufficient space for paper and writing. It should have its own set of drawers and the right amount of leg space depending on the number of employees and the amount you are planning to hire it is possible for an interior decorator to draw up a feasible layout structure that ensures comfort and abides by the right health and safety laws.

The right flooring and air circulation

Have you ever wondered why when one of your colleagues gets a cold the rest of the office is most likely to start sneezing as well? This is due to the flooring and air circulation. The air conditioners circulate the same air and sometimes dust particles and bacteria get trapped in the carpets or matting.

Unclean air conditioners or flooring can lead to an unhealthy work environment leading to violating health codes. At the same time, commercial matting protects flooring prevents the floors from getting damaged which is important if you are on rent.


Some offices are so badly organized that to print a document you have to walk to the other end of the office. This is a major inconvenience and should be prevented. When laying out the structure it is vital to ensure equipment that is used by more than one person should be places in a convenient space. This reduces time taken moving around and ensure a professional workplace especially in an office that clients constantly walk into.

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