Online Advertising Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

Online marketing is a necessity these days for any company that hopes to make revenue. For some entities, online marketing is a whole new frontier. Don’t worry; some basic rules from traditional marketing still apply. Then again, it’s common to see some mistakes being made over and over again by some companies. If your business is new to online advertising, here are some typical mistakes to avoid:

Not Budgeting

Do not jump into online marketing without a budget in mind. Surely, you must have heard that digital marketing is very cheap, especially compared to traditional forms. While this is true, the costs largely depend on what kind of campaign the business is running. You can run a $100 campaign or a $10,000 one on the web. So, before commencing the marketing plan, set a budget for it. This will allow your business to use the best tools within your budget limit and prevent excessive costs.

Using Only Google Ads

For most brands, digital marketing is practically synonymous with Google Ads. If your business buying one or two Google Ads, that doesn’t actually amount to a sound digital marketing plan. Hire an advertising agency to formulate a properly online marketing plan that suits the brand. There are several online channels companies can use to market and advertise. Most obviously, there’s social media. You can also use blogs and personal websites to push products as well. There are many ways to digitally market a product or a service, so do not limit your options.

Not Calculating ROI

There’s little point in blindingly buying ads from various marketing channels. If you use one channel, you must know what type of returns you are getting for money. For example, if you use Google Ads, there must be a mechanism in place to calculate how effective the ads are, and how much traffic and conversion rates result from the efforts. If you don’t calculate ROI for various marketing channels, then you might as well not have a business. When you use several channels, it’s important to isolate the most lucrative ones for the best benefit. The only way to do this is to calculate ROI accurately.

Not Paying Attention to Ad Copy

Simply putting an advertisement out there will of course not result in high sales. When placing web ads, pay close attention to the copy. How well written is the copy? Is it clear and absolutely concise? More important, is the copy accurate? Meaning, is the ad showing a free items when the landing page is about something else? Pay very close attention to what’s shown in the ad copy and how language is used, it will determine how effective the ad is going to be.

Using Common Phrases in Ad Copy

If possible, avoid using common phrases in your ad copy. Do not use the same phrases used by competitors to appeal to customers. Some phrases are copyright protected, so you cannot use them at all. To make sure your ad has the most impact, keep the use unique language that grab attention. Don’t show the target audience what they have already seen somewhere else.

Finally, make sure any graphics present in the ad is well produced and professional looking.

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