Top 5 Interior Design Tips for The Novice

Do you want to delve into the universe of cushion covers, comfy sofas, perfect paint, hardwood floorboards and coffee tables? Interior design is the burst of creativity, love, individual identity and uniqueness every home needs. You need to know what is too minimal and what is way too over the top.

What patterns will go with wallpaper and which colours will blend in or pop out from the surrounding? I know, it can feel a little overwhelming. But, do not get nervous, once you begin this journey you are sure to be buzzing with excitement. If you are feeling anxious, calm down! Here are 5 of the best interior design tips for all of you starting out in designing your home, café or helping out a friend:

1.      Figure Out Your Style

If you are looking to design the interior of your own house, know that the design will be the heart of your home. You have to transfer your personality to your home and make sure that your style and the presentation of the house blends together beautifully.

This is where you have to figure out your aesthetics. Are you minimalistic, extravagant, modern, monochromatic, formal, or want a bit of a historian medieval look to your home? Do your research and determine your likes and dislikes. You could even experiment with different styles and sample paint colours in various rooms around the house, combine creative elements that could lead to stunning interior design.

2.      Keep Lighting in Mind

You can completely ruin all your efforts with bad lighting. The key to bringing your vision to life is proper lighting. Ensure to add in the perfect lights to your overall budget. It does not always have to be a light bulb. Depending on the space and look you want to create, you can use the natural light by adding big windows. Additionally, you could use aesthetically pleasing and style fitting floor lamps and accent lights to give your space the feel you are looking for!

3.      Budgeting

Take things slow, do not rush the design process. Meticulously form a budget plan and figure out what areas and items you are going to cut costs and where you are going to splurge. I would recommend spending more on the most useful pieces of furniture such as the large couches, beds and tables, which are items that generally demand attention. Once that is done you can start on your décor items to give it an extra personalized touch.

4.      Accents

The little things in the room have a big impact. This is where it is vital to make good use of accents to bring in the vibe you desire for your design. Accents give your room the personalization it needs as the things you use could represent your unique personality, hobbies and your preferences. For example, you could purchase etching art for sale to fit into your budget and bring your love for art into your living space. In addition, you can add in some plants, books, bowls and mini-statues to give the final look.

5.      Space Planning

Many people tend to utilize furniture that is way too big for small spaces. First, gage or measure the amount of space you have, then get the type of furniture with the perfect fit. It is essential that you give your furniture room to breathe instead of cluttering up a tight space, establish zones for various activities and furniture pieces.

Get your creative juices flowing and bring your vision to life!

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