Types Of Reptile Lamps and Their Features

As weknow different types of animals are being adopted by people as pets. Reptiles are also kept as pets. Most of the time people choose pythons, snakes, monitors, geckos and lizards as pets. They can surely be kept as pets, but you should possess enough knowledge on several factors.

You should research and get to know about the correct diet, how to handle and also about the habitat needs of the particular reptile as well. Keeping them as pets can be a much easier task if you have the correct knowledge on all these factors and gain experience as time goes by.

With all the above-mentioned factors which would need your attention, knowledge on the suitable lighting sources for your pet also takes an important place. Because that is a key factor which will play an important role in keeping your pet healthy and happy as well. By providing the right light for your pet you can make sure that you provide the essential heating source which will affect their feeding and the overall behaviour as well.

Because as well all know sunlight is an essential substance for survival to reptiles. Almost every aspect of their lives is connected with light and heat. So, good lighting is a must for the survival of the reptiles. Now we will go through the types of reptile lamps and their features which will enhance your knowledge on this particular field.

Visible daylight lamps

A visible daylight lamp helps immensely in establishing a natural light cycle for the reptile. It is way better to use it for 10-14 hours a day at least, so you will be able to establish the perfect light cycle suitable for your pet.

Night light lamps

A reptile heat lamp is essential in the process of taking care of a reptile properly. And out of all those these night light lamps play an important role in keeping the reptiles well heated at the night time. They provide enough heat without disturbing their life cycles in the process.

Basking bulbs

Basking bulbs plays an important role in giving your pet reptile the necessary source of heat. Mostly they provide the heat through a halogen bulb. Basking bulbs provide the pets with enough warmth which is needed in the process of digesting food and to keep their body temperature within a healthy level. You could select a suitable one out of the variety of basking bulbs available in the market.

Diffuse bulbs

Diffuse bulbs help in the process of providing a less concentrated heat. It is very beneficial for the reptile’s health and well-being

UVA and UVB lights

UVA lights help to regulate the overall behaviour of reptiles, while UVB light is an essential factor in the process of producing vitamin D3 in reptiles which will help them to absorb calcium.

So, these are the main types of reptile lamps and their features which you should have a good knowledge of when keeping reptiles.

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