Why Chew Toys Are Essential for Your Dog’s Health

Chewing is a common behaviour among dogs. You might notice them chewing almost anything they like – from toys and even your precious footwear. While it may seem like a negative behaviour especially when they ruin your shoes, there is actually more to chewing than just merely play and entertainment.

First of all, you need to provide the right kind of chew toy that suits your dog’s chewing needs which could either be aggressive or light chewer. Once you had the right chew toy, your dog would definitely reap a lot of health benefits from it. Here’s why chew toys are essential in maintaining your dog’s overall health.

Helps Promote Dental Health

Chewing itself can help a lot in maintaining the health of your dog’s teeth. It scrapes away tartar and stuck food particles plus gives your dog’s teeth a polished look. The more your dog chews, the more saliva is produced by the mouth which helps in cleaning the mouth. If your dog has an unpleasant breath smell, you could give some dental chews to alleviate this issue.

Helps in Stress and Anxiety

Just like people, dogs get stressed and anxious too. For humans, meditating and yoga are some of the best relaxing activities that relieve stress and anxiety. However, for dogs, chewing on chew toys helps them release the stress and anxiety that they feel. If you notice them in distress, give them their favorite chew toy to help them cope with their feelings and calm them down. Explore the range of chew toys at Wonderpets and find the right toy for your little fur buddy.

Helps Stimulate Mental Processes

Aside from physical exercise, your dog also needs exercise for their mental processes to keep them sharp. Chew toys help a lot in keeping your dog’s mind preoccupied especially on idle times. Aside from that, you could also couple it with interactive toys for more mental activity.

Relieves Teething Pain

Teething is a painful experience for your puppy. Since their gums are tender during the time, it is sensitive and painful when touched. Chew toys can help relieve the pain caused by teething. You could give them their favourite chew toy plain or chilled for a more soothing and relieving effect. The more they chew on something, the more stimulated your dog’s teeth are, making them grow stronger and healthier.

Safer Than Bones

Dogs commonly love chewing on bones. Aside from the meaty aroma that attracts them, it also serves as a durable chew toy that doesn’t get damaged easily. However, chewing on bones aren’t that safe for dogs. It can cause damage to the teeth because bones are too hard. When swallowed, bones can cause blockages or digestive issues on your dog. Instead of giving them bones, why not offer them a durable chew toy they could enjoy safely?

Chewing is definitely an important part of a dog’s healthy development. Don’t hesitate and give them the best chew toy for your fur buddy to enjoy.

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