5 Ways To Make Employees Feel More Valued

When working in an organization, employers have realized the value of keeping their employees happy. Simply put, happier employees equals loyalty. Loyalty inspires better performance and reduced turnover, which has your company working as the best version of its self and reaping all the possible benefits. Here are some ways you can work on making your employees feel more valued at work:

Working Environment

First, start with the work environment you’re offering them. Take a look at your surroundings, is there too much of glare during the day time? Do you have blinds to resolve this issue? Is the workplace too dark and dreary?  Perhaps it’s in need of a paint job, by the looks of the cracks on the walls. And what about the seating arrangements? This itself is something you need to give special attention because you can’t have your employee sitting in discomfort for hours at a time. Get your hands on a well-cushioned, adjustable chair Melbourne that’s sturdy so you won’t have to replace it often.


Your employee is constantly growing and learning new things, or ideally, that’s what they should be doing at your company. Any junior employee would join your company for the growth and opportunities that you can offer them. So if you don’t recognize their personal growth through the stages, this leaves them feeling very much undervalued. Recognition can come in many forms, you don’t necessarily have to take the time off to have a one-on-one session with them but could simply offer them an increment or bonus instead.


If you start right off the bat with loading negative on to your employee, this will definitely have them feeling undervalued. The important aspect of giving feedback is that you need to remember to give both the positive and negative. By giving more positive feedback, it leaves your employee feeling more appreciated while also leaving them more open to receiving negative feedback. Why? Because then they’ll know that you value their work and aren’t just criticizing it. This takes some of your time but is vital to the process of getting your employee to feel valued.


Establish a system of communication that keeps all employees with the relevant authority in the loop on what’s happening in the organization. By offering such transparency it leaves the employee feeling more trusted and gives them a renewed sense of purpose at work (hence, improving performance). Constantly keeping secrets or asking them to leave the room, has them feeling underappreciated.


You need to inspire constant growth in your employee to keep them motivated. With the more obstacles they tackle at work, you can slowly increase the challenge on the tasks you issue out. This will help them feel like you trust in their abilities to complete the job for you.

These steps go a long way in making employees feel more valued- but don’t forget a simple ‘thank you’ will do the trick at times too.

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