How to Give Your Windows the Right Treatment?

Everyone has at least a window in their homes, unless they are living under a rock. Installing the right type of window is half the work. Sometimes, fancy styles can make this task a little troublesome-whether to go with traditional models or invest in modern designs. 

These are the basic styles of a window

  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Hopper
  • Bay window
  • Awning
  • End vent slider
  • Two lite sliders
  • Garden windows

And, much more. However, one should select the best fitting window that suits the room type. For instance, an awning window is suitable to place in a washroom for ventilation- and likewise, a garden window is best to fit in the hall that adjoins the garden.

After installing the windows, you have finished half the mission. Now comes the other half, equivalent, or even harder- choosing how to treat it. There are various reasons why owners decide to shield their windowpanes. Below mentioned are a few.

What are the reasons to protect the window using additional material?

  • To control lights
  • It is used to increase insulation
  • The material is visually appealing
  • It protects the interior from harmful UV rays
  • It is used to improve privacy
  • The shades increase the resale value.
  • Shades can effectively help in saving energy

However, these shades come in various styles and shapes. A few of them are curtains, plantation shutters, and blinds. So, you must be wondering which one to use-it’s simple. All the type serves the same purpose, but each has its own pros and cons.

Let’s discuss the uses of the three styles mentioned above in detail.


The modest style is the blinds- widely used in modern architects. It is also known as hard window coverings. These come in either flat or vanes design. Furthermore, it can be controlled manually by pulling the chain or the cord to adjust the lighting. 


Shutters are a classic yet elegant treatment technique, highlighting a constant feature of presenting regular sunlight in the homes.

The shutters range from various styles, mainly in the form of aluminium or timber material. Thus, aluminium shutters ideal for wet zones, as it is highly durable compared to timber ones. Furthermore, one can adjust the shutter’s louver to control the light streams entering the home.


The most common choice is the curtains. It adds a touch of royalty and softness to the present environment; thus, giving a very home like feeling with utmost relaxation. These aesthetic window coverings block harmful rays and protect privacy, ideally used in bedrooms.

Furthermore, one has the freedom to select a colour of their choice that matches with the interior design and the wall colours. There are also a wide range of material options and styles; that can be personalized to suit your space the best. Curtains, most of the time, have sufficient thickness that shields the fittings and furniture from fading away.

An individual should select the ideal method to cover windows that also suit the rooms. Similarly, it goes for choosing a window.

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