Innovative Alternative to Liposuction

Have you looked yourself in the mirror recently and been frustrated? Perhaps at your twofold jaw, or the plump around your inner thighs, or even excess fat accumulation around the hips? You must have come across commercials for ‘Smart Lipo”- a process that dissolves fat with definite before and after pictures?

This is a cosmetic procedure of reducing body fat. It is becoming one of the famous treatments for those who wish to reduce their body fat and get a slim and an attractive figure. For those who are considering this treatment method, here are some important facts that you all need to know about the treatment procedure.

What is this procedure?

This non-surgical procedure referred to as Lipodissolve also known as lipotherapy, injection lipolysis, or mesotherapy is a procedure of removing body fat and is an alternate method to liposuction. This has been one of the popular treatment options for the past years due to its succeeds. It is a type of mesotherapy and targets specifically the adipose tissue (fat).

Does It Work on anyone?

For most people who are dealing with excess and stubborn fat, this treatment is the best. If you are unsure whether or whether not to between getting one and then shying away, you can talk to an expert regarding the smart lipo treatment and get ready for the consultation. You should not be continuing with the treatment procedure if you are pregnant, underweight, is under the age of eighteen, have liver problems or kidney problems.

What is the Treatment Procedure Like?

This is a type of mesotherapy and it uses the homeopathic preparation with vitamins, amino acids, nucleoproteins and other nutrients. This is directed under the skin with the use of special micro needles. The tissue that is being targeted will then absorb the solution that is entered to the skin. This treatment usually lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes. This method is much similar to liposuction but the difference is that unlike liposuction, this is non-invasive and no anaesthesia and surgeries are involved.

What to Do After the Treatment?

Right after the treatment you may experience a little discomfort such as redness, swelling, bruising and slight tenderness around the area of treatment. Once the treatment is done, you need to prevent from going out in the sun, straining exercises or workouts for at least two days. While you will be able to shower after seven to eight hours of the treatment, you should remember not to take any hot showers.  You will be able to see how your test worked in a few weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some of the side effects as mentioned above are the slight discomforts you would feel around the area that was injected. These side effects however are not permanent. There are also instances where one would feel nausea or experience headache or diarrhoea. Apart from these side effects there are no other permanent issues that you have to worry about. You would also feel a tightening in your fat area which is nothing to worry about as it means that the treatment is working.

So if you are still worried about the side effects or wondering about what the procedure would include, here are the answers you need. You can always consult an expert before the procedure to know all the doubts you have ago that you can face the treatment without any fear.

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