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Online Advertising Tips for eBook Authors

Writing an eBook is easy; promoting one in the crowded market is another matter. Don’t anticipate your book to sell or become popular on its own. Most books sell based on word of mouth. But this doesn’t happen naturally. You have to propel word of mouth with an excellent marketing plan, like what Scholastic did for the Harry Potter series. Here are several tips that will help you promote your eBook online:

Hire Professional Marketers

You may be a good writer, but are you a great marketer? If you are absolutely new to marketing and its concepts, it’s best to hire a Digital Advertising Agency to market your eBook. Some aspects of marketing seem simple enough, but do not underestimate the amount of work and ingenuity that goes into promoting anything. If you are a new author, you might need all the help you can get. If you book is seeing good reviews, then you can probably afford to hire a marketer to boost sales.

Find Influencers for Blurbs

If you take a popular paperback and look at the back cover, you will notice that the cover is filled to the brim with blurbs of praise of famous authors and personalities. Big name publishing houses obtain praise famous authors to promote books by new and upcoming authors. This is called influencer marketing and it is superbly effective. If you are unknown author, try to find at least one famous author to give your book a short blurb of praise. If the author is famous in your own genre, then this would be even more effective. Readers will be very willing to try out a book recommended by a big-name author even if the book didn’t originally appeal to them.

Get Your Book on Popular Blogs

As mentioned before, the backbone of online marketing is word of mouth. It spreads through social media channels, and also through blogs. If you want to get your book in front of the right audience, then you need to find the right blog. Most blogs are dedicated to promoting books in a particular type of genre or subgenre. If you can get your book featured on one of these blogs, then that would be a great boost to your marketing efforts. Getting a book on a listicle, like “what to read this summer,” would be even greater. Most bloggers review or write about new eBooks for a fee. Don’t be stingy when it comes to getting your book promoted.

Do a Free Giveaway for Reviews

Readers typically pay a lot of attention to reviews when buying a book. Modern readers are faced with a lot of choices. To make up their mind, they naturally look into what others have to say. So, it’s absolutely essential that your eBook gets as many reviews as it can on sites like Amazon and GoodReads. Offer free eBooks in return for reviews to get customers interested first.

Invest in Professional Reviews

Customer reviews are not the only type of reviews that matter. Professional reviews matter greatly as well. So, send your book out to as many professional reviewers as you can. Try pro bloggers, book review journalists, and magazine authors and you may get at least one review.

Promoting an eBook in the current overcrowded market is not easy. So the above tips should help you in popularizing your eBook.


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