Tips for Mixing and Matching Bikinis

You don’t always need to stick to matching bikini sets as you can create a personal ensemble by mixing and matching. You can express your personal style better this way and create a personalised swimwear collection.

You have to understand what your style preferences are when choosing swimwear.

Maybe you love bold and vibrant colours or you are more partial to neutrals. Some people love to wear prints while others prefer the classic elegance of solids. Once you have a good idea of your personal style, choosing the right swimwear becomes easy. You can start with a neutral base if you are thinking of mixing and matching. Some neutral colours you can select from are nude, navy, white and black. These can be paired with different colours and patterns. Neutral bikini bottoms and tops will be the basis of your swimwear collection. You can then start experimenting with colours. You can create an eye-catching ensemble by referring to the colour wheel when choosing the combinations. You can choose complementary, analogous and monochromatic colour combinations to ensure harmony in your selection. There are many patterns and prints that you can experiment with such as stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes and floral. You can create a visually interesting outfit with by combining these in different ways. Don’t be afraid to mix prints. You need to balance smaller and larger prints to ensure the cohesiveness in the ensemble.

You can select a theme for the ensemble so that you have a guide when selecting colours.

For example, you can choose a tropical paradise theme that has bright colours and floral prints. Or you can combine a navy blue bikini with stripes for a nautical theme. This will help you create an intentional look. You can also experiment with textures and fabrics. You can combine shiny and matte finishes. Then there are smooth fabric finishes that can be combined with ribbed textures. This will add more visual interest to the swimwear ensemble so that there is more depth to it. This will further elevate the colour or pattern combination. There are also different bikini styles you can choose from. These can also be mixed and matched. For example, you can wear high waisted bottoms with a classic triangle bikini top. When you mix styles you can highlight the features you like and downplay others while still keeping to your personal style.

Matching accessories can help elevate your ensemble.

For example, you can choose a wide brimmed hat, stylish sunglasses or a sarong for the bikini. This will help you create a cohesive look. Colour blocking is something you can experiment with. You can mix and match bikinis with this in mind so that you can pair complementary or contrasting colours to create a visually striking aesthetic. You have to be careful about the proportions of the ensemble. For example, if you are wearing one piece that has a vibrant colour or a dramatic print, you can then pair this with a more neutral or subdued piece.

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