Transforming Your Campus Housing Room to a Productive Study Area

Studying is essential for a college student in order to excel in academics. And while college rooms tend to be quite compact, this should not stop you from creating a quiet study space where you can be productive.

There are also designated study spaces provided by UQ student accommodation that you can use but it can be a good idea to create a productive space in your campus room as well. The first thing to do is decide where your study area is to be located. If you have a natural source of light such as a window, this will be the ideal place to locate your study area. You will be rejuvenated by the sunlight coming in from the window and you can take small breaks to take in the view. Make sure to separate the study area from the sleeping area. So it is best to have it some distance away from the bed so that you are not tempted to go back to the bed. It is generally best if you cannot see the bed when you are seated at your desk. You can be facing the view from the window or a wall.

Decluttering is very important when creating a productive space.

The study area should look inviting and when there is paper, stationery, books and other items piled haphazardly on it, it will be a mess. And waking up to this will not put you in a positive frame of mood for studying. A great way to declutter is to keep boxes or bins where you can simply put away stationery, electronic items etc. You can easily put it away as well and the bins can be labelled so that you know what everything contains. Also, remove any non-study related materials from the area so that you can be focused on your task. It can be easier to work when there is no visual clutter grabbing your attention. The furniture you use should be designed ergonomically. For example, the desk should be at a comfortable height. And the chair should be ergonomically comfortable so that your spine is supported allowing you to maintain proper posture when you are sitting.

Personalising your study space will create a motivating space for you to work.

You can have motivational quotes framed and mounted on the wall adjacent to the table along with certain artwork. But there has to be a balance between personalising the space and overwhelming the space. It all depends on your preferences however. If you prefer to work in a space that has an explosion of colour, you can create this space so that you are in a more productive mindset. The same goes for a minimal design. Something that can add to the clutter on your study table are electronics and cables. You can use organisers to keep the cables out of the way. They can be clipped so that the cords are not going here and there.

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