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Tips for Getting Hired as a Teacher in Australia

Teaching in Australia can be a well paying and rewarding job. Unlike in most countries, even first year teachers in Australia can earn an upper middle income salary. A first year teacher in Australia with some experience can earn $50,000 and upwards salary. With no experience, the salary averages around $40,000. Because teachers are well paid, the Australian school system has a rigorous hiring process for potential employees. If you are thinking about getting hired as a teacher in the country, here are several tips to mind:

Find a Recruitment Agency with Ties to Schools

In Australia, most teachers are hired through recruitment agencies. There are many recruitment agencies that cater to different types of schools. If you are interested in finding a permanent job, it’s recommended to apply to a recruitment agency that has ties to a school or a school system. Not all do. Then the agency will be the first in line to fill highly desired and lucrative teaching positions as soon as they become available. A reputed recruitment agency will have ties to many educational systems and you will have a better chance of getting hired.

Consider Non-Permanent Teaching Positions

Permanent teaching jobs in Australia can be competitive, and also a few and far between depending on where you are looking to work. If you are unable to find a permanent position, or for some reason cannot commit to a full-time position, consider getting hired as a casual teacher in Australia. Casual teachers are like freelancers who are not contractually obligated to a school. Casual teachers, sometimes referred to as relief teachers, are hired on a daily basis rather than a term basis, and do not require as much experience. If you have over two years of teaching experience, you can earn as much as $300 as a casual teacher per day. Without any experience, you can earn around $100 per day. Casual teachers are in demand in Australia’s populous cities. There are plenty of jobs available for relief teachers Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide.

Find Out Which Subject Areas are Most in Demand

Your highest chances of hiring lie in applying to a job that’s in demand. There may be certain teaching job types that are in demand. Also, there are certain teaching subjects that are always in demand. Typically speaking, Australian schools usually have a high demand for maths, science, applied studies, and tech teachers. Special education is also an area that is always in demand, especially in rural areas. Go to state government official websites to find out which subjects are the most in demand in your state.

Try Teaching in a Rural Area

Teaching vacancies in urban areas often attract hundreds of applications. If you have little to no experience, it can be hard to get hired. If you are a young teacher in need of experience, considered teaching in a rural area for a year or two. When you have experience, you will increase your chance of getting hired in a desirable urban area like Sydney.

To further increase your chances of getting hired, keep your teaching qualifications up to date. Getting more training could make up for lack of experience.

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