How to Establish Good Relationship with Your Colleagues

Going to work for five days a week can take a toll on you. When applying for a job, take note of the surroundings, since this will be a big factor when it comes to stress. A toxic environment isn’t good for one’s mental health. Make sure to observe the employees, too, because they can help you cope up when you become co-workers. To do this, ensure that you know how to make friends with your colleagues. If it’s your first time entering the corporate or business world, here are some tips on how to form a good relationship with your co-workers.

Smile and Greet Everyone

Smiling all the time and greeting everyone is the best way to break the ice and start a conversation with a colleague whom you seldom interact with or hardly notice during a busy schedule. One of your objectives is that you should leave an impression that you’re a positive and jolly person to work with and not some trouble maker that they should avoid.

Open Communication

An excellent way to familiarize someone is to talk to them and spend time together through coffee, lunch breaks, or during a walking meeting. Find out if you have common hobbies or have same certain favourites. 

Make sure that you ask them about themselves and not talk about other co-workers. It will leave an impression that you like to hear gossips. Remind them you are always available to talk about anything work-related or even about personal stuff if they are comfortable with it. Make sure that you ask them to have the same openness to avoid any tension or misunderstandings in the future.

Offer Some Help

If you notice that your co-workers are having a stressful day or having a hard time with their assigned task, ask them if you can assist. Offer to help in any way you can, buy them some coffee and snacks, or just offer your moral support. It will surely go a long way and will help form a strong bond among you and your colleagues.

Practice Your Social Skills

A huge part of building a good relationship with your colleagues is being able to notice the green and red flags of each person, reading their gestures and body language, and drawing a line between social and work socialization.

Specifically, in meetings and group discussions, you should consider first the situation and adjust how you will socialize respectively. If you are currently engaged at coworking Melbourne, then it’s the best time to practice your social skills since you have the chance to meet different types of co-workers. By the end of the year, you will surely have a bunch of new friends to rely on.

No Negative Behaviours

Avoid showing any negative behaviours such as laziness, carelessness, impatience, being quickly irritated, or aggression, when working closely with a colleague especially when you’re not close with them. Learn how to handle your emotions, whether it’s positive or negative, to prevent any conflict.

Avoid Office Drama

If co-workers or teams have arguments, it is best to not take any sides and stay neutral. Just concentrate on your work or simply attempt to be the peacemaker and offer a solution to the problem.

Always apply these steps at work and you’ll surely benefit by producing better work outcomes and have a stress-free life with your colleagues.

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